HTC Touch Cruise

Back in June 2007 I switched from T-Mobile to ATT in order to get the Blackjack I because the salesman told me that WM6 was “just a couple of weeks away”. Early December I went to complain because the update was still not available. Unfortunately, they promised to get back to me but nothing happened. I went to complain again. I talked with the store’s manager and explained how they had misinformed me; this time they offered to exchange my Blackjack I with a Blackjack II at no cost. Two days later the WM6 update became available :-)

I knew that I really didn’t need the Blackjack II because I had already ordered a new device. It was just for the principle of it.

cruise_141x228 That new device has now arrived. It’s the HTC Touch Cruise. I am sooooo jealous of the iPhone‘s smooth and well-thought out interface. The HTC Touch Cruise has great specs (GPS, HSDPA, great camera, it’s fast, lots of memory + 4 GB SD, etc.). The interface is just not finger-friendly and I really don’t want to be using the stylus. Otherwise, it’s a great device.

Surely we can do better on the interface front.

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