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February 2008

World Wide Telescope

wwt_icon1My team, and Dan Fay in particular, has been involved in the funding of the World Wide Telescope effort. I’ve seen demonstrations of it and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I was even lucky to see it running on a 4 x 3 large display wall with modifications to take advantage

Great photo from my balcony

Chris was visiting with his partner last weekend. We had a great time (loooots of food)… well, I had a great time… I hope they did too :-)

Chris took this great photo from my balcony while trying his new camera. That’s the Magnolia hill and the Seattle sky

HTC Touch Cruise

Back in June 2007 I switched from T-Mobile to ATT in order to get the Blackjack I because the salesman told me that WM6 was “just a couple of weeks away”. Early December I went to complain because the update was still not available. Unfortunately, they promised to get

SneakerNet in action

We are experimenting with the processing of large amounts of scientific data so we asked for a copy of the SDSS SkyServer data. Alex Szalay was very kind to send us a copy…


Tony Hey opening the box with the hard disks of the SkyServer data.

This is of

Phew… Can’t wait for the weekend

Just spent the entire night at the office. It’s the ThinkWeek paper deadline today and I’ve been working on three of them!!! But it seems that we’ll submit all of them on time, if nothing goes wrong. I am very excited about the ideas we are proposing. Well, I hope

Microsoft and Yahoo

Of course it’s all over the technology news. It’s huge. I do hope it happens. Not everyone agrees.

While exchanging emails about this with a friend, I did the calculation… Microsoft has around 80,000 employees… The $44B offer in cash represents around $0.55M per employee :-)))