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January 2008

Open access chemistry

I was heavily involved at the initial technical discussions and the interactions with the group of people involved in this excellent activity. However, this is entirely the result of Lee Dirk’s excellent effort! The OAI-ORE format is going to be used in this project. I am going to talk about

"Mest up people"

Every now and then I check my blog’s referral logs. Today I came across a Google query that directed the interested party to one of my pages… they were looking for “mest up people”… I guess they were really looking for “messed up people”… still, through the power of Google

Silverlight-based cycle stealing

Some time ago I had suggested to Dan Fay that it might be interesting to use Silverlight as an easily distributable and maintainable platform for cycle-stealing at large scale. We thought it’d be great to investigate, perhaps as an intern project, but, as it is the case these days, we

Excellent blog entry by Ian Foster

Happy New Year everyone. The first entry of 2008 relates to an excellent blog post by Ian Foster.

The main differences I see between “Grids” and the “Cloud” are the concepts of “virtual organizations” and “sharing of resources” that the Grid community has often used to drive its standardization