More job openings

In addition to the Program Manager for Scholarly Communications position (thanks to all of those who have already contacted me) and the internship opportunities, here are two more openings in my extended team. These two job openings are not for the Technical Computing group but applicants will still have the chance to work closely with both Roger Barga and me (I hope that this last bit will not scare people off; I hope not :-)

The External Research engineering team is responsible for realizing our “eResearch Platform” vision, which is about the tools and services necessary to support the lifecycle of research. Roger and I have lots of ideas and we try to focus on few of them at a time (the intern projects will be related to these ideas but will be on the speculative, rather than the engineering side). The engineering team is helping us realize part of that vision.

Positions available: Program Manager and Research Software Development Engineer.

Again, feel free to contact me with your CV/interest and I will put you in touch with Kalyan Basu, to whom these positions will be reporting.