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December 2007

Off to Whistler!

After a couple of days of intense coding (lost almost an entire day fighting with inheritance and table mapping in Entity Framework Beta 3, which I really like btw), I am now ready to go for some much deserved skiing. Off to Whistler tomorrow for two days.

Waiting for

We really work hard in Microsoft

As Dan said, Microsoft Research moved to a new building at the beginning of November. It’s really nice.

Today, I was walking by a section of the 4th floor with ‘open’ offices (no-wall offices… yes, they even have numbers). They are supposed to be hot-desks or they ‘house’

Another "Cloud" Service from Amazon: SimpleDB

Here’s another simple, still very interesting, service from Amazon, with an interesting payment model. It’s called SimpleDB and it allows queries over structured data. It’s great to see Amazon delivering such services. I do hope that others, including my company, will follow.

“Amazon SimpleDB is a web service for

Job opportunity in my team

Are you excited about scholarly communications, libraries, open access, repositories for research output, semantics, ontologies, academic tools for research? Do you want to interact with clever people around the world and inside Microsoft? Would you like to work with Lee Dirks*? Do you want to be part of Tony

I love trains

Trains are my preferred way of traveling, while buses are my worst because I get motion sickness when I try to read. I am on a National Express (ex-GNER… I didn’t know about this) train from London to Newcastle. I knew that these trains offered WiFi access but just realized

In Qatar

I am in Qatar for work-related meetings. This is my second day and still no luggage. I had to go cloth shopping. Traveled half way around the world to go to a mall :-(

Tony Hey and I went swimming to the sea today, just outside the Sheraton Doha hotel

Woo hoo… the ski season is here!

I heard on the radio that the local ski resorts were going to be open from today. Unfortunately, I can’t go this weekend. If I am not in Qatar next weekend for a work-related meeting, I am definitely going. Today, it started snowing in Seattle! I am at cafe