Parallel FX – Another step towards implicit parallelism

:-) “Work stealing”, “loop decomposition” at runtime to take advantage of the available hardware parallelism, “data parallelism”, “declarative programming for parallel computing”… It’s soooo cool to see these concepts really making it to mainstream computing. Paul and I worked on these ideas some years ago*, building on the previous great works in the space. I even had a .NET implementation of the NIP runtime that hasn’t been touched since 2002. Time to implement NIP.DSM using Parallel FX perhaps? :-)

I need more hours in a day or fork myself. Nah… forking is sooooo thread-oriented… I need to “evaluate in parallel” :-)


* Run-Time Support for Parallel Object-Oriented Computing: The NIP Lazy Task Creation Technique and the NIP Object-based Software Distributed Shared Memory

Savas Parastatidis, PhD Thesis, School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2000