In Greece and Newcastle for few days

I was invited (in place of Fabrizio Gagliardi who couldn’t make it) to keynote at an EGEE workshop in Thessaloniki. Given the industry focus of the workshop and the discussion around Grid computing adoption, I am planning to talk about some observations that Tony and I have made in the past and also start, for the first time, to articulate our vision on “eResearch in the Cloud” and how we are going to execute… just snippets this time. The title of my talk is “Looking at the clouds for the future of Grid Computing” :-)

I am now at Heathrow waiting for 9 hours for my next flight to Athens and then Thessaloniki. After that, I will be working from my family’s home for few days before heading to the UK and Newcastle, together with Roger Barga (who still needs to update his page) and Marc Holmes from Microsoft‘s Technology Center in the UK (he’s a great architect), for meetings with Paul Watson, David Leahy, and the CARMEN folks. I am soooo looking forward to this and the great opportunity to do something really fascinating there, linked to the “eResearch in the Cloud” vision.

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