Career-limiting move (almost)

The other day I almost had a “close encounter” with another car, after having got the exit from SR-520 and was turning into 40th towards Microsoft‘s main campus. I was in the middle lane, as always, and ready to turn right. As you can see from the map below, the middle lane is supposed to turn towards the outer lane on 40th. Well, the car in front of me decided to stop just after the pedestrian crossing so that it could get into the inner lane, hence blocking the correct way. I wasn’t expecting it to do this so I had to break relatively hard (we weren’t going fast) and then go around it.

It’s a good think I am not the typical Greek driver so no fingers or honking or verbal abuse took place. Very good think in fact because as I was going around I looked to check out the driver… yes, it was Bill Gates :-) BTW… he drives an Audi (not even close to my simple A3 of course).

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