My first ThinkWeek paper

Today Roger Barga* and I submitted a ThinkWeek** paper. It’s my first since I joined Microsoft and I am really excited about it. Roger of course has submitted a number in his long and successful career in Microsoft Research.

I thought that my first ThinkWeek paper would be on ‘data networking’ and ‘knowledge mashups’, since I’ve been writing that paper for months now; it’s better this way though since I got to work closely with Roger and learn a lot about how ThinkWeek papers should be written. I seriously enjoy working with Roger. We are now executing towards implementing a common vision, and we are starting to produce some truly amazing stuff (at least I am excited about our plans:-).

Let’s hope that our paper will reach Bill Gates or that our senior executives will agree with our vision.


* Roger is the senior architect in my team and he’s an extremely clever guy (don’t trust his MSR web page… he just hasn’t updated his title/role since he joined the Technical Computing @ Microsoft team).

** Bill Gates allocates a week of his time (twice or three times in a year, I think) to read papers that anyone in the company can write. The papers do go through filtering and a review process (with the comments published for anyone to read). The subject can be anything really… new ideas, business opportunities, evaluation/review of a technical space, etc.

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