I am in Microsoft Research

After posting my last entry on the ThinkWeek paper, it occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned the fact that my team, Technical Computing @ Microsoft, is part of Microsoft Research now. Yes, exciting times even though not part of my plan when I joined Microsoft. You see, two years ago I opted to join a product group and declined an offer I had to join Microsoft Research. Now, here I am :-) Oh well.

The reason we are part of Microsoft Research is because the role of Tony Hey, our Corporate Vice President, has been greatly expanded and he is now responsible for the ‘External Research’ organization within Microsoft Research (we don’t yet have a dedicated web page but that’s coming soon I guess). Our Technical Computing @ Microsoft team is just one of the teams reporting to him now. The vision and our interactions with scientists/researchers all around the world remains induct and we have a clear mandate from him to execute, execute, execute on that vision :-)

I now have Microsoft Research web page (it’s a placeholder for the moment… will try to update it soon).

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