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August 2007

Lunar Eclipse

My very good friend Colette is visiting from Vancouver for few days. Last night we agreed to wake up at 3.30am to see the lunar eclipse from my balcony. The sky was clear (amazing for Seattle :-) and the view was fantastic; something like this…

Lunar Eclipse 2004

(credit: Astronomy for Beginners)

:) Tattoo

It’s done!

My left hand :) tattoo

At HPTS this year

HPTS is not going to be the same with Jim still missing. However, I am looking forward to attending and contributing, through my participation, to this excellent meeting that my Microsoft mentor had been organizing all these years. I just received the official invitation from Pat, who took over

XBox 360 "Ring of Death" :-(

Yes, it was about time it happened to me :-( I guess I should be happy that Microsoft decided to set aside $1B!!! to help consumers like me with this problem. But… $1B!!! Although my console is out of warranty, they are fixing it at no cost. However, no one

He did what?

I am sorry but that’s just stupid. I like the iPhone as much as the next guy, but com’on…

(also note Dr. Fox’s goal of “improving workplace efficiency” :-|)

Surgically alters thumbs to better use iPhone

Written by James Benfly

Wednesday, 08 August 2007

Thomas Martel, 28, of Bonnie Brae