I am in Orlando for Microsoft‘s MGX event. I am here to make sure everything goes well with one of the demos in Craig Mundie‘s keynote speech. I have been managing the development of the prototype and the interactions with Prof. Jeff Lichtman and Dr. Bobby Kasthuri from Harvard. The prototyping team in Microsoft has done a fantastic job at building a 3D visualization tool for the huge amounts of data collected from scanning mouse brain slices. The Connectome project is really fascinating.

The entire experience here is surreal. The scale of operations to prepare an event full of keynotes from the top Microsoft executives, in front of 15,000 Microsoft employees (sales and marketing force), is just amazing. We had our rehearsal today and I am really looking forward to the actual event tomorrow. Being backstage is really cool as I get to see folks like Craig Mundie and Ray Ozzie (tomorrow).

Oh, I met Blaise Aguera y Arcas today (of Seadragon and TED Photosynth presentation fame). Great guy.