Glastonbury mudness :-)

I am in London for some work-related meetings and relaxing after what was an excellent Glastonbury. Yes, it rained. Yes, everything I was carrying with me got really really wet. Yes, I got wet to the bone while waiting under the rain for more than 3 hours to catch the first train of the day out of the area at 5am on Monday. Yes, there was so much mud, I couldn’t find the grass. Yes, i had to pay professional cleaners to clean the mud from my luggage. YES, I HAD A BLAST even though i was covered in mud all the time!!! :-)

I seriously enjoyed “The Who”, “The Killers”, and Bjork from all the bands that I saw. As always, I was there, almost at the very front jumping around :-). However, Glastonbury is more than concerts. So, I immersed myself into the music, went dancing/raving till dawn, enjoyed some stand-up comedy, found audience participation and juggling shows, went on looooooong walks to explore the arts and crafts, tasted lots of ethnic food, absorbed lots of beautiful images and experiences, admired the fashion, etc.

It’s amazing to see 180,000 people not caring about the mud and the bad weather and just having fun. I am always fascinated by how so many people can co-exist without fights and arguments (3rd time there and, again, didn’t see anything). Why can’t we live like that all the time? (ok, perhaps without the mud :-)

I also met and spent some time with Carole and Dave and some of their friends. It was great hanging out with them. The project we are putting together had an excellent start :-) Here are some characteristic images…



Glastonbury, I am going to be there next year again (if I can get tickets, that is :-)!