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June 2007

Nature visit

I was at Nature Publishing Group‘s offices in London today to meet with Timo Hannay (Director of Web Publishing), Ian Mulvary (Product Development Manager), and Euan Adie (Product Development Manager). Wow! These folks are doing really cool stuff. More importantly, however, they are interested in doing even cooler stuff

Glastonbury mudness :-)

I am in London for some work-related meetings and relaxing after what was an excellent Glastonbury. Yes, it rained. Yes, everything I was carrying with me got really really wet. Yes, I got wet to the bone while waiting under the rain for more than 3 hours to catch

Manycore Computing Workshop 07

Manycore Computing Workshop logo

The Manycore Computing Workshop 07, sponsored by my team, was a great success. It was great to see such a large part of the Parallel/Manycore Computing community coming together to exchange ideas and participate in discussions on “manycores for general purpose computing”.

The first day of the

The "Research" Ribbon Tab

I’ve been out of coding practice (too much program management) so I decided to spend few hours today learning something new and starting a project I always wanted to do since I joined Tony Hey‘s group.

The “Research” Ribbon tab will allow people to consume various research-related services

Computational tools to help with research for AIDS vaccine

As Dan says, there are really no words to describe this. Well done to the entire team over at MSR for doing this. If I wasn’t so busy with other things, there would have been a service somewhere in there to expose the functionality via SOAP/XML over HTTP :-( It’s