Vancouver half-marathon

Well, the Vancouver half marathon over. I am not very pleased with my performance. I knew that I wasn’t prepared as well I should have been, so I guess I should have expected this. I finished in around 2h3m (2 mins slower than last time :-(

This time I was careful and I did not repeat any of the mistakes from last time. However, I did learn few things that I hope I am going to improve upon next time:

  • Prepare well!!!
  • Adjust the pace to achieve the target time. I was not wearing a watch so I didn’t know how fast I was really going. At the end I was relatively comfortable, so perhaps I could have gone faster.
  • Train outdoors more. I think my knees are not used to running outdoors. Also, I have to train more for hills. I was taken by surprise by the many small hills in the course and especially that loooooong one around mile 8.
  • Make sure I sleep well the night before. The youngsters next to my hotel room coming back from clubbing and deciding to watch a music channel from 2.30 to 3.30 in the morning didn’t help :-(

A good experience overall. I enjoyed it. Now, for the next one.

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