Mix 07 – A great experience so far

I took the opportunity to watch two shows in Las Vegas, while waiting for Mix 07 to start.

  • Love

    “, a 

    Cirque du Soleil

    production. I really enjoyed it. The colors, the music by Beattles, the acrobatics! However, I think I preferred Varekai.
  • The

    Blue Man Group
    . Interesting but not extremely exciting. Enjoyable though.

I’ve spent lots of time with Pat Helland (who, btw, is back with Microsoft, in a different team, and I hope you’ll be hearing a lot from him shortly) and his wife. They even came close to getting me drunk last night (I cannot even dare think how I am going to do at this Sunday’s half-marathon, even though I’ve been running while here).

I also met the delegation from Greece. Really fun guys, with whom I had lots of interesting discussions. I have been spending lots of time chatting to Stelios Tzivakis, who has been responsible for many of the big IT related projects in Greece, including in.gr, the premier Greek portal. Extremely interesting and very nice guy. Oh, and he happens to be Kostas‘, whom I supervised when he was an MSc student in Newcastle, boss :-)

Mix so far has been fantastic. I’ve been extremely impressed with some of the demos and my brain has been working overtime on how the announced technologies could be used in the scientific/technical computing domains. I need to start getting my fingers dirty with coding again. This summer is going to be lots of fun!

Update: I forgot to mention that the BBC Radio 1 application blew me away.