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May 2007

Microsoft PopFly

Wow! I started using PopFly today and is sooooo cool! The “Create Mashup” tool is effectively dataflow (very much like Yahoo Pipes!) built using Silverlight so you can use it on the Mac too.

The “Create Page” is also interesting because of its Ribbon interface and editing capabilities.

The possibilities

The Manycore Computing Workshop

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been organizing the Manycore Computing workshop, sponsored by my group. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with top people from the industry and academia while putting together the program and list of attendees (the workshop is by-invitation only). We already have

Pat Helland is back in the blogosphere

Woo hoo! He’s back and he’s full of energy! I got to spend some time with Lisa and Pat at Mix07 and had a blast with them. They did try to get me drunk and almost succeeded. I’ll have to return the favor soon :-)

I am soooo excited to

In W3C

It’s so nice to see Jim here. We are about to embark on some pair-coding. The landscape around the conference’s hotel is just breathtaking.

Vancouver half-marathon

Well, the Vancouver half marathon over. I am not very pleased with my performance. I knew that I wasn’t prepared as well I should have been, so I guess I should have expected this. I finished in around 2h3m (2 mins slower than last time :-(

This time I was

Fast RDF search engine


“Researchers at the National University of Ireland, Galway’s (NUIG) Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) have developed a search engine that can answer search queries with more than seven billion RDF statements in mere fractions of a second, which is the highest number recorded to date.” (Super-fast RDF search

SecondLife here I come

Both my previous laptop’s and my current one’s graphic cards were from ATI’s FireGL Mobility range (i.e. tuned for CAD and digital media content management applications). This meant that the drivers were not really targeting games. I was never able to start SecondLife.

Until today! I got an update