Transitioning to Windows Live Domains

I am going to move the administration of my domain to Windows Live Domains. I hope the process is seamless but if this site disappears for a while, you’ll know something went wrong.

What prompted this? Well, yesterday Google mail (all my personal email is routed via this service) had a problem affecting a number of users for around 10 hours. I couldn’t access my account and even when the service was restored, I received messages with around 15-20 hours delay. Moreover, I’ve been thinking about the transition for some time for two reasons: be a good citizen for my company and use a mail service that manages my email traffic without introducing intermediate account information (if you have received email from my personal account, you may have noticed that it came from my Google account “on behalf of” my personal account).

Time for a change. Be warned about potential problems.

Transition postponed. Lots of complications. Will have to take it one step at a time. First things first… change domain name registrars for Will warn you all about future changes.