Buying a condo

It’s been a while since I started considering the purchase of my own place here in Seattle. In February, I started the process and at the beginning of this week I made an offer for a great condo in West Queen Anne. It was only the second time I went out for viewings with my realtor and I really liked it. I originally offered $1k above the asking price but it became apparent to us that my offer was only the second best. Even after increasing it by $10k (I think it’s worth it), I was still $4k down from the best offer. However, the seller decided to go with me if I agreed to go through the process fast, which I did. As a result, I am going through a week of panic. It’s just crazy crazy crazy. The only reason I have time to blog is because I can’t sleep from being hyper and I can’t concentrate on work due to tireness :-(

Deciding on the mortgage lender and which type of mortgage is proving quite an adventure. Also, I am trying to research the financing/investing space as best as I can and I am paying the penalty of neglecting to educate myself on such issues all these years. Is an interest-only better than a principal+interest? If I get an interest-only, will I be investing the savings from my montly payment and will it be better? What about the downpayment? How high should it be to balance the lost funds for investements against the lower rate and montly payments.

There are many many more questions I need to answer, plus all the paperwork associated with purchasing a home.

Still, I am very very excited. The place looks great.

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