BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation March CTP

I just read on the Web about the availability of this package from Microsoft. Cool. I knew a CTP was coming but didn’t know when.

I’ve been trying to explain to scientific workflow people that Windows Workflow is a generic framework without any built-in semantics and that any type of dataflow/workflow could be implemented, if one invested in building the required semantics as activities. That’s how I had enabled WCFWF integration for an internal project. The nice CSD (Connected System Division) folks now have a package to support that integration (it’s part of the latest Orcas CTP I believe). My prototype went a step further to enable the automatic extraction of a service’s (implemented as a WF workflow) multi-message interaction contract (described in XAML). Based on that contract, the generation of a consuming WF workflow could be automated (capturing all the possible conversation states with the target service).

Anyway… back to WF. I have been toying with the idea of a Scufl (think scientific workflow) package on top of WF. This way, all those Taverna workflows could be executed on the WF platform… you know, nice debugging, nice visual designer and tooling support, etc. Carole promised to send me the semantic descriptions (captured in Scheme I believe :-) of the Scufl language. That’d be an interesting side project. I am seeing Carole next week so I’ll talk to her again about this.

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