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March 2007

What a week! (and new toys)

This has been an extremely busy week. It’s been the first time since my PhD I actually stayed at the office overnight and continued working throughout the next day non-stop; and I did that twice in the week. We hosted scientists (for various events) so I also had to

New skis, bindings, and boots

This must be one of the smartest purchases I’ve made. My Salomon X-Frees have been getting really really old; I bought them 6 or 7 years ago. I have been demoing various skis throughout the season but last Saturday I tried a pair of K2s (the Apache Recon); they felt

SecPAL Preview

A group of people I really like in Microsoft (they are a fun team) released their very interesting work as a preview. This type of work is very relevant to cross-organization collaboration, virtual organizations, Grids, etc.

“The Security Policy Assertion Language (SecPAL) provides a flexible and robust declarative authorization language

Soya: An SSDL Framework implementation

A tear almost went down my face. I am so happy to see Patric‘s work finally out there. Patric says:

After almost 4 months of development I’ve uploaded the first release of Soya yesterday night =)

Please feel free to browse through the

web site

, download

Transitioning to Windows Live Domains

I am going to move the administration of my domain to Windows Live Domains. I hope the process is seamless but if this site disappears for a while, you’ll know something went wrong.

What prompted this? Well, yesterday Google mail (all my personal email is routed via this

Buying a condo

It’s been a while since I started considering the purchase of my own place here in Seattle. In February, I started the process and at the beginning of this week I made an offer for a great condo in West Queen Anne. It was only the second time I went