On the road again

I am going to be traveling again from tomorrow. First, it’s Greece for few days to see my family and participate in my city’s carnival celebrations. Then I’ll be visiting the UK. I am going to be in Southampton and Microsoft Reading on the 21st, Manchester on the 22nd, and Newcastle on the 23rd (soooo looking forward to seeing my old coleagues there). I’ll spend Saturday morning (24th) in London with Jim*, coding and brainstorming (he doesn’t know that yet :-)

Anyway, if I happen to be around the same longitude+latitude as you and you are interested in a F2F, please drop me a line.

* I had an excellent time with Jim and his better half two weekends ago in Whistler. It was so nice to see them again. I really have missed working closely with my pal (and arguing all the time :-) Hopefully now he’s back in the UK I’ll be seeing him more often.