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January 2007

Interesting directions for UIs

Here’s an example where a physics engine is utilized in the management of documents. I don’t actually like the interface for day-to-day activities but I can see how useful ideas/technologies can be extracted and integrated in modern desktop/applications user interfaces.

(YouTube video)

Antispam for pblog

I have been getting so many spam comments, I’ve decided to spend few minutes adding antispam support for pblog. I suspect that the spammers will manage to bypass the very simple protection I’ve built but it’ll do for now.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems. If

Open Repositories 2007

I arrived at San Antonio today for the Open Repositories 2007 conference (I am surprised they don’t have a unique URI for the 2007 conference site, at least not yet). Tony Hey will be giving the closing keynote on Friday. We are keen to engage with this community since we

I am the GridMaster :-)

Well, it had to happen at some point… a Grid game :-) I saved humanity from a volcano erruption, an eartquake, the avian flu, and I’ve even found aliens; all with the power of Grid computing!!!


Via Dan.

Panos is here

Panos is visiting Microsoft and he’s staying in Seattle for few days. It’s great to see him. Need to think what we are going to be doing over the weekend.

I went to pick him up from building 41 today to go out for dinner. It took me 2 1/2