State machines for the MEP SSDL Protocol Framework

Patric has been doing some awesome work on introducing support for SSDL contracts, the MEP SSDL Protocol Framework in particular, to Windows Communication Foundation. Now Patric has a blog; go subscribe!

In a recent message to the SSDL mailing list, Patric pointed to the protocol state machines for the message exchange patterns supported by both the MEP SSDL Protocol Framework and WSDL 2.0. Really nice diagrams and great work by Patric! As he mentions on his blog, he and Jim submitted a paper to the Web Services track of WWW07. I wish them good luck.

It’s great to see that something is happening around SSDL. I have been hearing a lot about the possibility of more mainstream support for RelaxNG given its superiority over XML Schema, so who knows… there could still be hope for SSDL, or at least the ideas behind it :-)

Now, would anyone be interested in adopting SSDL to describe POX over HTTP message exchanges? We could call it POX-SDL or ASDL (AJAX SDL… not to be confused with ADSL please :-). I think that would be of great value to AJAX application developers since they are now going to have a message-oriented language for the description of whole interactions with web sites. Blog, email me, comment here.