66,795 pushups and situps? Hmmm…

This is a fun challenge by Dan but I already have my own for the new year… get ready for a full marathon. I need to get ready for the Vancouver half-marathon; I’ve set myself the challenge of doing it in 1.35-1.40. Then run another half marathon before trying a full marathon. So I am chickening out on all 66,795 pushups but I do promise I’ll do some of them :-)

Oh… and something I haven’t mentioned… During my first visit to the slopes this year and in my first ever run for the season, I injured my shoulder. I continued skiing throughout the day without a problem but next day I had to see a doctor. An MRI scan has revealed significant damage. I have to go through physiotherrapy for a month before the decision is made on whether an operation is necessary. Although I haven’t stopped running and I surely won’t stop skiing, I think that pushups are out of the picture for a couple of months or so :-)

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