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December 2006

Wikipedia 3D Explorer and Social Networking

I just read about the Wikipedia 3D Explorer over at Dan’s blog. It’s sweet and the type of visualization I want us to be able to do for social networks for science. It’s built on WPF and I think it’s another example of how content on the Web can

Environmental Sciences

In my new role in Microsoft‘s Technical Computing group I get to work with scientists from all disciplines, which is very cool. I am particularly looking forward, though, to working with environmental scientists.

Yesterday, Roger Barga, fellow Technical Computing Architect, and I visited the University of Washington

Vancouver Half Marathon

My ultimate goal is to do a full marathon in around a year’s time. In preparing for that, I am going to do 2-3 more half-marathons. I just registered myself for the Vancouver Half Marathon in May. I am going to be more careful this time and since this seems

SOAP – "The S stands for Simple"

I guess I am always playing catch-up with blog posts these days. Anyway, I just read this one about SOAP and I think it’s brilliant. Interesting comments as well :-)

Unfortunately, it’s soooo true :-(

Swivel – "YouTube for Data"

I was pointed to this post about Swivel, a new company aiming to collect the world’s data. Their business model? The service allows you to correlate data freely. The data you upload is available to everyone. But if you want to take advantage of the service without making your