WWW2007 submissions to the WS track

I just logged in on the WWW 2007‘s EasyChair site in order to bid for papers I would ideally like to review, as part of my Program Committee duties for the Web Services track. I saw few papers there related to Web Service choreography and modeling of message-oriented interactions. I am really happy that this area is gaining momentum. I did spot references to SSDL, which made me smile :-) I also found suggestions that CSP could be used to model interactions between services. Oh com’ on… the community has been talking about the use of formal models for modeling interactions between distributed components for decades. We even have an XML-based notation for it :-) I do hope there is some novelty in there.

There is also a paper focused on SSDL. Not work in which I was directly involved but would love for the community and my company to find out more about it (of course I cannot review the paper because I know the authors).

Looking forward to the assignments.

Since the Web and Web Services domains are back in my radar, I may be able to actually attend WWW 2007. Should be lots of fun. Need to check my travel schedule around that time.

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