No laptop for a week :-(

I got my first laptop in the late 90s and very soon it became my main work machine. Apart from some issues Jim and I had with Dell laptops back then, I don’t remember if there was ever a time I was left without one (during working days, of course… I am known to take time off every now and then… but even then the laptop comes with me :-)

After my return from Supercomputing SC06 on Saturday [1], my HP nw8240‘s power connector (the one on the laptop) broke. As I found out today, this means that the entire system board needs to be replaced. Given that it’s Thanksgiving on Thursday here in the US, I won’t have a laptop until Monday the earliest. More than a week without a laptop and no machine at home. This means no progress on the book, no contact with my friends around the world, sporadic personal email, no development at home (where I am most productive). On the good side, I will get some time to deal with my huge reading list and perhaps play an xbox 360 game or two :-)


[1] It was sooo nice to see everyone in the HPC/Grid community again… I am really looking forward to all the things we are going to be doing in the Technical Computing space.

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