Another great example of a ‘Web 2.0’ application…

… This time not hosted in a browser though.

Here’s a screenshot of an Outlook 2007 appointment with the Outlook addon for Internet mapping installed.

Since I have the VirtualEarth for installed, I can also see my locations in 3D. This is just fantastic!

Ok, perhaps I am lying a bit when I say that this doesn’t run inside a browser since it’s the IE control hosted in a Windows window but still… it’s a .NET application nevertheless.

BTW… here’s a blog about VirtualEarth.

You can bet that this type of stuff is what you are going to see in my demos and prototypes for scientific/technical computing applications! Combine this with semantics, knowledge representation, inference, etc. and I’ll be living in a Web dreamland. I love my new job :-) I am soooooooo excited! :-)

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