Lifestyle change update No3

Friday was my last day of phase 1 of my 20/20 Lifestyles program. It’s been fifteen weeks since I started and I am now 43 lbs smaller, feeling very healthy, eating well, and at a much better fitness level. However, this is just the beginning; I am planning to keep this up for the rest of my life. Also, the Seattle Marathon 2006 (I am only doing the half marathon) is fast approaching (November) and I don’t think I am ready to run it in under 1h45m, which is my goal (almost an hour faster than my first and last half marathon, 10 years ago :-), even though I think I can comfortably do it in under 2 hours.

I am down to 87kgrs from ~110kgrs when I first came to the US, almost over a year ago! I still want to loose another 7-10kgrs but that’ll be over a period of 6-12 months.

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