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September 2006

Thomas is visiting

My friend Thomas is visiting for few days from Switzerland.

After a karaoke night yesterday (Thomas insisted in us singing “Dancing Queen” by ABBA since “Barbie Girl” was not available… oh the shame :-), today we dropped by the Microsoft Visitor Center. Here’s a postcard from there.

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Savas: Before-After

Many of you asked for photographs showing the results of my lifestyle changes. Here it goes. This is me 15 weeks ago and then again on Friday, 43 lbs smaller. As I have already mentioned, the plan is to loose some more over the next few months.

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Doh! I am going to miss Bob Dylan

One day after I book my flights to go to Greece for holidays in October, it’s announced that Bob Dylan will be coming to Seattle for a concert one day after I go. I’ve already seen him live twice but I’d have loved to see him again. Oh well.

Geek alert: making career decisions in Scheme?

You know you are a geek when your notes about your next career move can actually be evaluated in Scheme :-) Oh… making career decisions when you love every aspect of technology and the people you work with is so difficult!

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Lifestyle change update No3

Friday was my last day of phase 1 of my 20/20 Lifestyles program. It’s been fifteen weeks since I started and I am now 43 lbs smaller, feeling very healthy, eating well, and at a much better fitness level. However, this is just the beginning; I am planning to keep this