A book recipe

I have been trying to persuade Jim to let me blog about our book for some time now. I thought that by blogging about our book-related efforts, we’d be forced to keep up with our self-imposed (but so far not met) deadlines (I am very much the culprit on this one). It turns out that he let it slip when he posted a comment on Stefan‘s “REST vs WS Statistics”. BTW, Mark‘s suggestion that Jim and I are the same person was very funny :-) although I can’t believe that such a mistake could ever be made… <self-sarcasm>I am clearly so much better looking</self-sarcasm>:-)

Well, you can consider this post as my public commitment.

We have already written the proposal for a “let’s analyze this Web-based integration phenomenon book” and it has received good comments. Expect a book with a strong taste of HTTP, some REST aroma, a small touch of message-orientation, garnish of Web Services, a leaf of semantics and knowledge representation (if I get my way :-), lots of syndication, and much more (I don’t want to spoil it for you by revealing all the ideas :-). That should make a good recipe for, what we think, is going to be an interesting and much needed book for a world where the Web is the application/integration platform.

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