No more cable

I haven’t really been watching a lot of TV since I came to the US and especially over the last couple of months (I am out most of the time:-) So today I disconnected my cable TV service. I just kept my cable Internet connection. It’s interesting how they are willing to half your monthly bill when you ask them to disconnect the service but even so, I didn’t want the TV. However, their eagerness to give me a discount on the TV service made me try think that I might be able to get a discount on the Internet connection. So I told them that I was only going to keep my Internet connection until I get a DSL one and voila… the monthly cost for the Internet connection is now almost half :-)

I don’t understand how in the country where Microsoft is found guilty because of its past monopolistic practices, cable companies have a monopoly to entire apartment buildings. Where’s the competition? I want to be able to choose my cable TV/Internet provider.

Anyway… cable TV is no more. Perhaps time to look into Netflix.