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July 2006


This morning I went to my first yoga class. It was fantastic. Since I’ve been going to the gym almost every weekday for the last couple of months, I think a Saturday-morning yoga class would be great for relaxing. I am going to start doing this regularly since it was

Green card

As of today I am a permanent resident of the US. That was fast! (Around 10 months since I came to the US and around 8 I think since the green card process started) No more long queues when I re-enter the US (I hope:-)

Alternative Mac Ads

No wonder I thought everyone was taking a break from blogging :-) My feeds got really messed up from the many installations of our latest internal Outlook 2007 builds (I am using Outlook as my feed reader these days), and I didn’t notice for few days till today.

I was

No more cable

I haven’t really been watching a lot of TV since I came to the US and especially over the last couple of months (I am out most of the time:-) So today I disconnected my cable TV service. I just kept my cable Internet connection. It’s interesting how they are


I watched the final with friends at my place yesterday. I still can’t believe Zidane’s action. No matter what he was told, there was no excuse. He’s still, though, one of the best players around and it’s unfortunate that one of his worst moments (we all have some of those)

Paul Watson visiting

Just picked up Paul from the airport. He’s visiting Microsoft for a week. It’s so great to have him around. Looking forward to hearing all about the Newcastle folks and discussing his latest adventures.

Back online

Apologies to all for the SSDL, Jim‘s, and my websites/blogs downtime. Due to construction work going on at the building hosting our server, there was no electricity for few days. Unfortunately the warning message never reached us (my fault for not monitoring my University account often) so we couldn’t