REST and the Robotics Application Model

Mark Nottingham highlights the use of the term ‘REST’ by the Microsoft robotics folks. I also think that there is a suggestion in Mark‘s post about Windows Communication Foundation (WCF, used to be known as Indigo) not necessarily being a good fit for RESTful applications.

As I have said many times in the past, Web Services is a suite of technologies that could be used to build applications according to any of the architectural models that are out there. The WSRF folks have done a great job at showing how one could build distributed object-based applications, the WS-Transfer folks have shown how one could build CRUD-like applications, the MEST folks (well, Jim and I) have been talking about message-oriented solutions, etc. WCF is a messaging infrastructure which can be used to support all architectural styles. It’s no surprise that there are folks who use it in a RESTful way (e.g. the robotics application model, the RSS/Atom toolkit, the POX example, etc.).

Also, the robotics team is not the only one thinking about REST, the Web, HTTP, etc. ;-) I can’t wait until the time comes to start blogging about what we are up to with Don and the rest of the gang.

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