An update on my lifestyle change efforts

As I have already mentioned, I started a long-term effort to loose weight and get fit. I think I’ve been doing great so far on both aspects. I have already lost ~25 lbs over the last 56 weeks and last week I run 5.1 miles in 46 mins. I am still far away from my target of doing the half marathon in under 2 hours but it’s only been 5 weeks so I am optimistic.

A very dear friend of mine is visiting me this weekend. We went out to do some cloth shopping and she helped me choose a new pair of jeans since none of my current clothes would fit well anymore (sidenote: for the first time in my life I actually had to open a new hole in one of my belts!!!). The reason I am sharing this with you is because I realized how well I’ve been doing with my exercise and diet when I noticed that the pair of jeans I tried on and then bought was a 34 (waste). I’ve been a 38 for such a long time I can’t even remember when was the last time I wore a 34!!!

Many of you have asked me for photographs of the “new me”. I am afraid you’ll have to wait since I am only half-way to where I want to be :-)

Oh… unfortunately the blue highlights in my hair have now faded and after a period of having green hair, I now just have colorless highlights.

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