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June 2006

An update on my lifestyle change efforts

As I have already mentioned, I started a long-term effort to loose weight and get fit. I think I’ve been doing great so far on both aspects. I have already lost ~25 lbs over the last 56 weeks and last week I run 5.1 miles in 46 mins.

World Cup in HD

That’s the way to watch football!!! My trips for a weekend of windsurfing at the Hood River were cancelled at the very last minute due to luck of wind, so I was able to watch the Paraguay vs England World Cup 2006 game on ABC and in High Definition (boring

WinFX is now .NET Framework 3

As we were starting to get used to the “WinFX” label, my company has decided to change it :-) Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow (WF) and Windows CardSpace (WCS) (formerly known as “InfoCard”) are now all part of the .NET framework 3.

Finally organized my blogs again

I finally got around to moving and organizing the blog feeds I used to read (I haven’t kept in touch with some of the blogs out there for a long time). I will soon publish my blogroll as part of my introduction to what Jim and I call “Overlay Webs”.