Visiting Fellow at the University of Newcastle (or, how ‘nsp20’ came back to life :-)

In a previous post I had mentioned how the possible visiting position at the University of Newcastle never happened. Well, Paul Watson read that post and made sure that the situation changed :-) I got a letter from the University‘s Human Resources department offering me a Visiting Fellow position for the next three years which, of course, I will happily accept. I was going to pursue collaborations with the people at Newcastle anyway but now I have to make sure that I also visit every now and then. I am sooo looking forward to working with the excellent folks at Newcastle Computing Science again! If you ever get the opportunity to work with/for Paul Watson, you should not miss it. He’s the best!

On a related note, since I left Newcastle some research students have successfully defended their work and are now ready to be called Doctors of Philosophy in Computing Science. Well done to Paul Robinson, and more recently to Nick Cook, Jennie Palmer, and Johannes Dwiartanto (after their minor corrections are submitted). I am sure there were more so apologies if I missed someone. Well done to all! Excellent work! Now, I am looking forward to hearing about the successful completion of few others’ research work (those who were outside my office when I was there ;-)

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