RIP nsp20

It was October 1st, 1995 when I started my MSc. degree at the University of Newcastle and when I was given the ‘nsp20’ handle which I used for more than 10 years. My account at the Newcastle systems didn’t expire immediately after my departure back in August because there were discussions about a possible “Visiting Research Fellow” post. It took some time to explain to the Microsoft Legal department what that would have meant and at the end they were happy with me accepting the post (without requiring an agreement with the University on IP). However, even I knew that I couldn’t possible sign the University’s legal documents. I guess the University was not happy with that since I never heard back from them.

Anyway, nsp20 has now been retired :-(

Apart from the ‘sentimental’ connection, there is also a practical issue that needs to be considered. Jim‘s and my blogs have been running on a machine at the University since we started blogging. The same is true for the SSDL web site and the SSDL mailing list. We should have moved them months ago (we are so lazy or very busy!) But now it’s urgent. I hope the transition will be smooth and you won’t notice a thing. I’ll keep you posted.