“Goal! Dream Begins”

I watched the “Soccer” :-) channel for a bit on cable and I saw the end of the interview with the producer of “Goal! The Dream Begins” which is the first movie of a trilogy with a football-related storyline. The producer mentioned Newcastle so I tried to find information about the movie. It seems that the story is about a footballer who becomes a Newcastle United FC player. The trailer for the movie contains many shots of Newcastle and St. James (the Newcastle United FC stadium) which is next to the University.

I loved the Geordie accent and the reference to black pudding in the trailer as well all the shots from Newcastle! (btw, black pudding is pig’s blood… disgusting) Players like Beckham, Zidane, and Shearer are in the film. Should be really fun. Ah! Newcastle! :-)

I hope this movie gets released in the US soon. I couldn’t find a release date.

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