Woke up this morning with fever.

On Friday we finished a milestone for our project and presented it internally. It went great. However, instead of sleeping all weekend as a way to ‘relax’ from the team’s last sprint, I did the exact opposite. I went out on Friday night for dinner with friends. Dave Ingham, who turned blue last week, was around. He used to be one of the co-founders of Arjuna (I actually worked for HP Arjuna labs for few months) and a regular in our Friday after-work beer sessions in Newcastle. So, it was really nice to see him and it’s great to have him around now.

After dinner, some of us continued drinking until 1am. You’d still think that I’d have taken advantage of the weekend to relax, right? Well, I went home and ‘slept’ for 3 hours. At 4am I was on the road for a weekend of skiing at Whistler (sorry Peter, I didn’t say anything because it was a very last minute thing… I’ll come up again soon though and we can have that coffee at Longhorn :-). Saturday was fantastic. I really enjoyed skiing all day.

Then, you’d think that I’d have got some much needed sleep and rest, right? Well, I drove back to Vancouver where I met some friends for dinner and drinks. In bed at 1am only to wake up at 7am to drive back to Whistler for more skiing. Lots of snow on the way (23cm of new snow overnight). I actually had to use my new spider spikes for my Audi A3 (which, as I found only very recently, does not get ordinary and less-expensive snow chains due to the width of its tires). I was very tired and didn’t really enjoy the fantastic new snow. It must have been one of my worst days of skiing in terms of style. I don’t remember to have fallen so many times since I started.

Then, a 5-hour drive (there was a lot of traffic on the way back from Whistler) back to Seattle. I collapsed in my bed late on Sunday night but it was already apparent that I was coming down with a cold. Monday and Tuesday I was getting worst. So, today’s morning fever was no surprise.

Why this entire story? Well, perhaps you won’t think my blunder is as silly as it really is :-) Those who know me personally, they have most likely heard me misusing English words. This is one of those times. This morning (remember, I woke up with a fever so I wasn’t thinking straight) I decided to remind my team of the scheduled meeting to discuss lessons from our work over the last couple of months, or the milestone’s “post-modern” :-)

Oh the jokes, the embarrassment! The presentation is now officially called “The post-modern post-mortem”.


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