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March 2006

Seattle throughout the day







And the sunset from Alki beach…

Amazon S3

Very interesting service. I am curious to see how it’s going to do commercially, especially given the free availability of GoogleBase (although mechanisms for programmatic interaction with the GoogleBase service have not been published yet, at least not ones that I am aware of).

It’s interesting to note

Oh no!!! No traveling for 2-4 months!

What can you do to someone who lives to travel?… Tell them that they are not allowed to travel!!!

I am currently in the US on an O-1 visa. Microsoft has started the process for my green card application only a couple of months after my arrival. What

“Love Monkey” :-(

One of the very few shows I watch on the US TV (Love Monkey) has been cancelled :-( I can’t understand. They had a great concept of guest musicians, the main character was a Bob Dylan fun (plus many great artists got mentioned during the show), they had great