Xbox 360!

Oh yes! On Friday, my manager and I went to our local BestBuy after we were informed by Xbox 360 tracker that there were consoles available there (I must remember to make a donation to the guy who wrote it). We got there by 12.15pm (that store has a policy of releasing any available consoles at noon) and we just managed to get the last two!!! :-)

Unfortunately the Premium ones had already gone so we got the Core versions. No problem though… We immediately went to the Microsoft company store and bought all the extras to make our systems to “get the Premium experience” :-) We couldn’t find any hard drives but I’ll try to get one today.

The Xbox 360 is GREAT! On my 1920x1080p LCD HDTV it’s amazing. I can set it up to do 1080i and the experience is like nothing else. Xbox Live rules of course. I have now started thinking about a Windows Media Center installation for my apartment, which should be the last thing needed to create a truly geeky apartment :-) The Xbox 360 is a Media Center extender. Oh… the digital lifestyle (and yeah… something about big boys and their expensive toys :-)

My Xbox Live gametag is ‘Savas360’.