Went skiing again!

Woo hoo! After two winter seasons without skiing due to my knee injury (bad turn while playing basketball) and subsequent operation, I finally went to the slopes again today. It was fantastic. One of the best days of skiing I’ve ever had. Beautiful day; sunny, blue sky, not that cold, no queues at the lifts at all; really beautiful landscape. Very very nice!

I went to Stevens Pass, about 2 hours from Seattle. It’s not like the places I’ve been in Europe (it doesn’t have many lifts and the runs are short) but it was great for a first time after so long (my legs ache now :-). I have to go to Crystal Mountain next but I think I’ll first try to spend a weekend at Whistler (due to school holidays it was extremely busy this weekend).

Einar, I am waiting! You have to visit! Lifts were open from 9am to 10pm!!! I still haven’t stopped being jealous of the photographs Thomas has been sending me from the Swiss Alps but I’ll “repay” him with Whistler photos soon :-)

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