So close to getting an Xbox 360 today

I woke up this morning and run the xbox360 tracker just in case. It told me that there some Xbox 360s available at BestBuy in Lynnwood (north of Seattle). It was around 7.30 in the morning (well, very early for me) so once I got ready I headed that way before coming to work. I didn’t realize that BestBuy opens at 10am so after I arrived I found a local Starbucks just across the street and started working from there. At 10.04 I was back at the front door of BestBuy and saw a guy coming out with an Xbox 360 box. He had a smile up to his ears :-) He told me that there were only a couple left but there were already people queuing for them. Indeed, I was unlucky. They had all gone!!! There were 14 Xbox 360s at that store and they went in 4 mins!

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