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February 2006

Went skiing again!

Woo hoo! After two winter seasons without skiing due to my knee injury (bad turn while playing basketball) and subsequent operation, I finally went to the slopes again today. It was fantastic. One of the best days of skiing I’ve ever had. Beautiful day; sunny, blue sky, not that cold,

“Web” or “Grid” – Isn’t it ironic?

For a long time I’ve been saying that the Grid is nothing but an application domain of distributed computing and that it needs no new infrastructure. Our latest paper supports this statement and proposes the use of stable infrastructure technologies (in the WS-* space) for realizing high-level, Grid application domain-specific

Xbox 360!

Oh yes! On Friday, my manager and I went to our local BestBuy after we were informed by Xbox 360 tracker that there were consoles available there (I must remember to make a donation to the guy who wrote it). We got there by 12.15pm (that store has a policy