This looks soooo slick

My current notebook (HP nw8240) is ugly, albeit thin and with a great screen resolution. My two previous ones (both IBM thinkpads, erm… Lenovo) looked too serious, their performance was great though. The new Thinkpad with the wide-aspect screen is too big and heavy for my liking. I haven’t explored the new T60 yet.

Now, why can’t others produce products like the MacBook Pro? I am waiting until Apple produces one with a good resolution (I just love my current 1920×1200 one) and I’ll consider buying one. Of course I am going to be installing Vista on it which I have been running on my desktop at work and I can tell you that it looks really really nice.

If Apple comes out with an Intel-based MacMini, that could become an excellent Vista-based media center for my apartment. Hmmm… can’t wait for that possibility!

Finally, have you seen the new iMac advert on the TV? Just saw it for the first time. I love how Apple is suggesting that all those using Intel processors till today have been boring :-)

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