Am I working on SSDL in Microsoft?

I love speculation :-)

The interest in SSDL has been picking up again. I got lots of requests for the article. I am now expecting lots of feedback from you folks! Negative or positive. Keep it coming!

Robert wonders whether I am working on SSDL for Microsoft. The answer is no. However, I am doing equally cool things about which I am going to start talking soon.

I haven’t given up on SSDL though. I have a suspicion that many folks might be fed up reading the word ‘SSDL’ in Microsoft internal lists :-) I am not promising anything but I am trying to push some of the approach somewhere in the thinking of our future platforms/tooling :-) This is a looooooongshot and a very difficult thing to achieve. There are so many cool ideas floating in here that is becoming very difficult to prioritize. Also, expect something sooner in this space as part of a side activity related to Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation I am planning to start.

UPDATE: Changed link to Robert’s post after his request.

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