Snowing in Seattle

The surrounding mountains have been ready for skiing for few weeks now. Now it’s snowing in Redmond. I am sooooo looking forward to going skiing again.

It’s been crazy the last couple of weeks. The car arrived (it’s great… already done more than 1000 miles), I finally got a bed (I’ve been sleeping on the floor of my apartment for few weeks :-), last night I ordered some furniture as well, I got a TV (JVC 40” HDTV LCD… brilliant… trying to find an xbox 360 now), started scuba diving lessons (my certification dives are on the following weekend), work has been extremely interesting (we are doing fantastic stuff and I get to meet the best people around). Everything is great.

Perhaps it’s time for some technical content here too :-) Mark Baker and the rest of the REST community will be pleased with my latest thinking (no, I haven’t converted to a RESTferian yet… it’s still all about MEST :-)

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