“PM skills” a la Chris Sells

If you ever want to work for Microsoft as a Program Manager (PM), or if you are already in Microsoft as a PM, or if you have similar responsibilities in another company, then check out Chris Sells‘ blog where he started posting his list of skills a PM should have (PM Skill #0 and PM Skill #1 are available now but I know the list is longer :-). I was treated to an early run through this list and I can tell you that it’s great advice (yes, I am the colleague Chris is helping :-).

I am learning so much next to Chris. He is a fantastic PM. Unfortunately for our small team, I have taken over as a PM from Chris temporarily so I can learn the PM role and practice it. Wow! What a difference! He was great at it and I am not!

Thanks Chris for all the help! I am learning so much from you!

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